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Recruiting Process and System Re-engineering

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The processes in which you recruit and hire is a critical business objective for most organizations.  
Unfortunately, these systems and processes are often put together in a patchwork that is both inefficient and costly.
We look at your entire recruiting process holistically to ensure that from employment brand to onboarding your organization
hires the best available candidates.  

Elements addressed include:

    o Evaluation of your current employment brand
    o Assessment of your online employment experience ratings
    o Review of your current online hiring solution or Applicant Tracking System
    o Evaluate the configuration of your current Applicant Tracking System
    o Review your selection process to include interview, testing, or other selection tools used
    o Review of your offer process and candidate experience
    o Assess your due diligence process including background checks and drug screens
    o Evaluate your onboarding and new hire first 90 day process
    o Check your processes relating to legal compliance

Then we identify a solution for your company based upon our findings, which may include:

    o Create a your employment brand
    o Help you identify and install a new applicant tracking that fits your needs and budget
    o Design a selection process based upon organizational core competencies and values
    o Design and deliver training to your hiring teams on effective hiring practices
    o Update or create critical forms and resources that support your recruiting and hiring processes
    o Assist in the recruitment, hiring, and/or training of Talent Acquisition Personnel
    o Identify Metrics and Measures appropriate to your organization

Our Method:

We use Lean Methodologies of intensive facilitated workshops, also known as "Kaizen Events" to indentify the best solution
for your organization.  These events are facilitated by one of our consultants onsite and will build a formalized
project plan that we can    help you implement or manage for you.  This method which is in part of the famous
"Toyota Method (or Way)" is used by thousands of manufacturing organizations to identify and solve critical business problems.

To learn more on how we can help your Talent Acquisitions and Process please contact us.   

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