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Target the Job or Company for your next job - Don't walk the lot

Published by Rick Baron in Careers · 11/10/2018 22:34:22
Tags: Jobsearchstrategies

I find it funny that we choose our jobs like we shop for cars.  We show up at a dealership, see what they have, select one that kind of matches what you're looking for and then sign on the dotted line.  You may get what you want, but likely you made some concessions along the way as to price, make, model, color, trim package, etc.  It's a nice vehicle, but perhaps not exactly what you want.

The same goes when you go out to eat, or shop for furniture, or should I say it, chose a mate!!!!
But why do we also do this when selecting a job.  We search the web, see what's available, apply, and hope for the best.  Seems an awful way to identify something that will consume one-third of your life (at least).  
Now, I understand if you are unemployed and need to work, but want about those just looking for the next move.  Why don't you target where you want to work and then pursue.  In this job market employees are moving fast so the job that is not open today, may be open tomorrow and hiring managers and recruiters would really enjoy to have someone in the wings ready to go versus entering a prolonged recruiting process.  So let's look at some ideas in which to target your next job or company:

1. Target organizations you want to work with.
2. Identify potential leaders you may want to work with.
3. Use your current network to Social Networking to have an introduction made.
4. Sincerely analyze whether you have the skills or background they seek
5. Don’t focus on vacancies, focus on opportunities
6. Don’t be discouraged if a job is not available now
7. Play the long game and be willing to invest in the relationship on a recurring basis
8. Schedule recurring touchpoints and when following up offer a gesture of information, article, or congratulate the organization on an accomplishment.
9. Ask for the highly unused "informational interview" where you schedule time with a company to learn more about them and introduce yourself.  You'd be amazed how many don't do this.
10. Don’t put all your eggs in one place; keep a list and review them on a regular basis
The rule to this game is patience and persistence.  It may take a year to get the job, but it will be the one you really wanted and hopefully want to stay for the long run.

Now go sight your targets.  -Rick Baron (rmbaron.com)

The Three Bridges of a Career

Published by Rick Baron in Careers · 8/10/2018 19:44:41
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How did I get here? Where is my ___________, where is my ___________. - Talking Heads (1980)
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